Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust Live 3 DVD Box Set CONTENTS

Killer Mystery Card

Easy Ace Estimation

Diminishing Not Likely

Shocked Aces


Killer OMG

The Ultimate Sting

Hellman’s Aces

Head To Head Poker

The Corner of Piccadilly

Impromptu Mars Life

The Aces Collect


Totally Baffling Control

Carbon Footprints

The Main Thrust

Merely Thought of Miracle

Amazing Four-Card Trick

Eight of Diamonds Trick

Tenkai Sandwich

Knock Em Dead

World’s Best Card Trick

The Jogshuffle

Elmsley Count etc



Dr. Daley I Presume

Twisting The Aces

Illogical Collectors

Jeepers Creepers

Caused Effect


Fry Them With Oil & Water

Spectator Cut Four Aces

Muldoon Match

Triple Kick Monte

Kane Aces

Twin Peeks

Acid DNL

French Rabbits

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