Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust Trilogy & DVDs JUST A FEW REVIEWS

“Gold Dust is a great book. It’s enormous and beautiful. It contains lots of clever strong card magic. Extremely worthwhile!”

- Andi Gladwin

“I have always been blown away by Paul Gordon’s stuff and The Gold Dust Trilogy is one of my favourite set of books I've ever purchased!"

- Peter Nardi

"I've been going over Paul Gordon's Gold Dust Live DVDs and absolutely loving them, what a delight they are!  The production quality, packaging and sheer quality of this DVD set is AMAZING! Let alone the 40 odd effects contained within. Paul has always had a knack of creating punchy routines that end with a cricket bat around the head... After a slight pause of course! Exceptional work... Itching to practice some of those tricks now!”

- Colin Miller

“The Gold Dust Trilogy are/is exceptional. So many workers. So good! I recently saw Paul Gordon entertain a group of laymen. He was on fire. Rocking!”

- John Carey

"Your Tenkai Sandwich, among many others, is a real worker. Stunning! It's replaced the Jennings trick in my act. Yes, it's that good! I highly recommend Gold Dust Trilogy"

-Gary Jones

“Thanks for the drafts of Gold Dust. I’ve read and tried most of the tricks. Yeah! Stunners! All stunners, my friend. Real strong kick ass material!.”

- J. C Wagner

“I love your card work. So much so, that’s why I published some of your effects in my books and Apocalypse. Wonderful magic!”

- Harry Lorayne

“Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust Live 3-DVD set is the BEST we’ve seen in YEARS. Kick ass commercial workers. WOW!”

- The Magic Cafe (MagicMan)

“Paul’s magic is just the best. He’s the best! Gold Dust Trilogy is BRILLIANT.”

- Aldo Colombini