“We think Gold Dust is a great book. It’s enormous and beautiful. It contains lots of clever strong card magic. Extremely worthwhile!” - Vanishing Inc (Joshua Jay & Andi Gladwin)

“I have always been blown away by Paul Gordon’s stuff and The Gold Dust Trilogy is one of my favourite set of books I've ever purchased!" - Peter Nardi

“The Gold Dust Trilogy are/is exceptional. So many workers. So good! I recently saw Paul Gordon entertain a group of laymen. He was on fire. Rocking!” - John Carey

"Your Tenkai Sandwich, among many others, is a real worker. Stunning! It's replaced the Jennings trick in my act. Yes, it's that good! I highly recommend Gold Dust Trilogy" Gary Jones

“Thanks for the drafts of Gold Dust. I’ve read and tried most of the tricks. Yeah! Stunners! All stunners, my friend. Real strong kick ass material!. Your pal, JC.” - J. C Wagner

“I love your card work. So much so, that’s why I published some of your effects in my books and Apocalypse. Wonderful!” - Harry Lorayne

Gold Dust is Paul Gordon’s latest book which contains ‘The Very Best of...’ tricks from his other titles. There are also many new effects too which have been included. With over 350 pages and 150 cards tricks within its cover there is plenty to get your teeth stuck into. There is also a sleight section at the back should you need it. The effects run at an alarming pace through this book - some being only a page or so in length...so if you are looking for a book that will give you patter as well as the effects, then this is not the book for you as Paul allows the reader to come up with their own presentations. However, if you want enough quality card material to last you a lifetime then buy this now! There are literally too many great effects to mention, but a few of my favourites were Head to Head Poker, Easy Ace Estimation and Twin Peaks. To be honest, I have only touched the surface with the book, and it will take me a good while to take it all in properly. Paul calls it Gold Dust, but it’s really a solid block of gold! If you are a card magician then this should be on your bookshelf.” - Phil Shaw (MagicSeen Magazine)

“Gold Dust' is very probably the best card magic book I have ever read. There are so many incredible pieces, I hope it will cement Paul's reputation as one of the greatest card men the world has ever seen. I have already got more from this book than all of the Lorayne and Marlo books I have combined.” - Thom Bleasdale

“Gold Dust is an excellent publication. It is a nicely produced hardbound book properly bound and side-stitched with an attractive gold foil embossed cover and 352 pages. The book is only available from Paul and for £50 contains 150 tricks plus ideas and so is good value for money as it includes the explanations for so many commercial card tricks such as ‘The Corner of Piccadilly’. If you haven’t heard of Paul’s tricks (and you should have!) there are links on his website to ‘YouTube’ videos of all his popular items. Paul is an enthusiastic and energetic performer of card magic and indeed he has been a professional entertainer for over twenty years. You will know his style of performing if you have ever attended his lectures or workshops. He makes the crucial point in the Introduction to this book that ‘the tricks are mostly just the “nuts and bolts” of magic. The real magic is the way you perform them and the way you engage your audiences.’ Wise words from someone who can speak with considerable experience. All the effects are with ordinary cards. There are no fake cards or strange set ups to worry about. The effects are strong as you might expect from someone who makes his living from performing card magic. There is no point in trying to identify favourite effects in this review. As Paul makes clear you need to try every effect in the book before deciding which suits your own style. There is no doubt that with the right amount of work every card magician will be able to find a great deal of commercial material in this volume. As such it must be great value for money.” - Roger Woods (MagicWeek.co.uk)

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“Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust is nicely bound and I found much to like in this collection. And, if you don’t already own Paul’s other books (and tricks) then I’m sure you will too!” - Peter Duffie (MAGIC, June 2013)

“The Gold Dust books have gone into my ‘favorite card books’ section on my shelf. Paul’s magic is just the best. He’s the best!” - Aldo Colombini

Paul Gordon's card magic (from Gold Dust) is straight to the point and kicks like a mule. I currently do more of Paul's effects than any other magicians.” – Gary Jones

 “I probably use more of Paul Gordon’s material than any other magician!” – Lee Smith

"In recent years my love of card magic has become somewhat jaded. However, Paul's recent book Gold Dust is starting to rekindle my love of cards. It is a large tome which contains a treasure trove of inspirational material (150 effects in total plus a chapter on useful moves) and, to be honest, I can't put it down. You don't have to go beyond the first effect ('Head to Head Poker') to find gold. I shall certainly be using this. Many thanks Paul for a cornucopia of wonderful card magic." – Roger Curzon

"I have spent all day reading Paul Gordon's Gold Dust. My prediction is that it will soon be recognized as a classic of card magic. Quite frankly, it's brilliant. I have only tried the first ten tricks, but each one is jaw-dropping. Wow!" - Kyle Stammer (Gibraltar)

Stunning to look at, stunning material. My God this is a good book!” - Peter Baford

“Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust is destined to become a classic. He’s given it all away here. His best stuff…and now my best stuff! Gonna be using a lot of it from now on. Awesome!” - MagicMan (The Magic Cafe)

"In my humble opinion, Gold Dust is the very best book on kick-ass card magic ever. Jeez, this is awesome material." - Sonny Green

"Gold Dust by Paul Gordon is wonderful. There is no other magic book that looks as nice or that contains so much stirling magic. Mr. G has given the fraternity a gem. Highly recommended." - Peter Frank

"Oh yes. There is no denying it. Mr. Gordon's Gold Dust is THE ultimate in commercial jaw-dropping card magic. It's a beautiful book, too. Highly recommended.' - Peter Samuelson (Penguin Magic)

"Simple truth is that Paul Gordon's Gold Dust knocks spots off all other card books of recent years. In fact, of many years! It contains the best worker card magic you could wish for! Brilliant." - Magic Review

"Gold Dust is good; damned good. Mr. Gordon has written THE book on sh*t-hot card magic. And, Gold Dust looks like Gold Dust too." - Sam Eggar (Los Angeles)

"OMG! Okay, it's the title of one of Mr. Gordon's kick-ass tricks but it's also my feelings toward the book. Oh...My...God. Gold Dust is now my favorite card book of all time. Wow!" - Fernandez Bonarte (New Orleans)

“I’ve read hundreds of card magic books. None can touch Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust. Truth be told…I think all the tricks are more than Gold Dust! Just brilliant!” - CardNut (The Magic Cafe)

"Mr. Gordon has given the magic fraternity a masterpiece. If you like card magic, you will love Gold Dust. To be honest, it's extraordinary. The Magic within is stunning. Highly recommended." - Peter Salarno (Murphy's)

Sensational. Simply sensational. Highly recommended!” - Penguin Magic