Contents of The Paul Gordon Gold Dust Trilogy

In total, all three  books contain 350 routines including 120 NEW or previously unpublished tricks.  All of the material has been re-written, updated, improved etc., etc. And, both books look stunning! 700 pages!

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Head To Head Poker

Hellman’s Aces

Worker Ambitious Classic

That’s Odd

The Hemeroid Effect #4

Costa’s Aces

The Session Stunner

A Mystic Seven Phase

A Mystic Seven Phase #2

Double Jeopardy

Mars Life

Simplex IML

The Eight of Diamonds Trick

The Amazing Four-Card Trick

The Muldoon Match

Fry Them With Oil And Water

Layman Assembly

A Predictable Stroll #2

Thoughts On The Clock Trick

Caused Effect

Peter’s Foursome



Dazzler Strikes Back

Unusual Method Oil & Water

Two Surprises For Two

This One, and a Bit Extra!

A Load Of Old Blarney

Bluff Jay Bee

Synchronicity #3

Diminishing? Not Likely

All Backs Triple Kicker

Tricky Quickie

Nomadic Aces

Taking The Rise #2

Effected Cause


Prediction Supreme


The Ultimate Transposition

Millennium Collectors


Lighter Than A Feather

World’s Best Card Trick

Strollers Delight

Dr. Daley, I Presume?

Ambitious Card Routine

What A Kick & Flushed Kick

What A Triple Kick

Fairly Sexy

That’s Not Possible

Three and a Half of Clubs

Patrol Dawn

Eight Spot Locator

Flush Out The Oil & Water

Four For Poker

Bloody Crazy

Aces For Openers

If You Go To Las Vegas

Impromptu Change of Mind

Truly Nocturnal #2

Gobsmacking 2 Spec. Fooler

FAL Reset

PG’s Ambitious B.O.B  

The Corner of Piccadilly

Psychotronic Rides Again

Psychotronic Rides Once More


Totally Baffling Card Control


Ten To Twenty Revelation

Easy Ace Estimation

Twin Peeks

The Nero Trick

The Main Thrust

A Carbon Footprint

Tag Team Aces

The Bed Sit Mystery

A Divine Palms Departure

Now, That’s A Stunner!

Four-Card Repeat Poker

Knock Them Dead

Impromptu Mars Life

The Perfect Heist

The Seventeen Principle

Four – Seven – Eight – Nine

The Gordon Diary Trick

Cavorting Reds And Blacks

The Emulsion Complex

Triple Kick Monte

The Sting



Four Card Fooler

Copwaked Minor

Flim Flam

Jeepers Creepers

The Observation Test

Fooling Alex

Still Flabbergasted

Paul Gordon’s Swing Aces

Four Ace Puzzler

Thought-of Card Miracle

Memory, Estimation & Magic

Hot Flush

The Dudeney Principle

Dudeney’s Baby Boy

Tipsy Aces

The Biggest Liar of Them All

Faro Flush Out

Ace Tumblers

Pseudo Smyth’s Myth

The Unwanted Visitor

Those Leaping Aces

South By Southwest

Brothel K(r)eepers

Accentuated Aces

Gemini Quads

Gordon’s Aces

The Ramassee Principle

Prediction Premonition

ITHEC & Twisting The Aces

Elle Vate

Spectator Cut Christ Aces

Oh? See Williams

Taser Ace Production  

Jim Nastic Jokers

Shocked Aces

The Time of My Life

Thought Stealer Rethought

Darned Pain In The Neck

Oracle Moracle Miracle

An Oracled Royal Flush

Poker Perfect

A Lesson in Acting

A Nice Four-Ace Trick

Kings, Aces, Flushes

You Do As Each Other Do

A Dazzling Flush

Easy Spell A Royal

The Drunken Bridge Player Plus

This Is What Magicians Do

Carnival Con

Four Ace Startler With King Kicker

44 Years Later

Lo-Fat Spectrum

No Pockets Ultimate Transposition

Dickie Dai Die

Cardman’s Twisting The Aces

Sloshed or Sober

Psychedelic Foursome

Out of This Stratosphere

Quid Pro Quo

The Laid Back Lazy Card Trick

The Poker Player’s Alfresco Soiree

The Phantom Card Returns

The Exploration

The Myriad Miracle


Faster Than TSOL Poker Stack

Dream Away


The Audition

Find The Lady

Oil And Water Rainbow

Flushed Surprise

The Curse of Scotland Returns


Bedazzling Colours

Penelope’s Estimation Plus

Plain Penelope

Shocked Flush

Flushed Oil Slick

Rainbow Emulsion

The Cursed Gypsy

The Lady Vanishes

Penelope’s Distant Cousin

Face Up Sixteenth-Card Fooler

Impromptu Baby Dudeney

More Exploring Of The Nine-Card Principle

Prediction Super-Supreme

Baffling Aces

A Trick for Armitage Shanks

Aces, Selection, Kicker

Ad Infinitum Not Ad Nauseum

Much, Much Further Than That

Twisted Colours

The World’s Most Incredible Card Trick

For The Boys # 2

Stepping-Stone Force

Numerology Totology

Hocus Pocus

No F In Way


Sneaking Up

It’s Not Unusual

Miracle Ace Spell

Sneaky Lie Detector

It’s A Miracle

IFC Treatment

Kings For A Day



Play Your Cards Right

Strike More Than A Match

You Little Liar

Seven Plus A Whole Lot More

Carbon Footprint Prediction

French Rabbits

The Calendar Trick


This Takes The Biscuit

A Gem Of A Trick

Illogical & Discrepant Endfield Vanish


Double Waikiki

The Ipcress Secret

Mini Thrice

Marvellous Mathematics

Odd Looking

Hogarth’s Aces

Prophetic Prophesy

Wedded Bliss

Erdnase With Less Milk

That’s A Blast

Stranger In Paradise

The Comedy Card Trick

Call 9999


Room 4567

The King of The Card Cheats

Let’s Twist Again


Impromptu Pokertell

Poker Duck

The Paul Gordon Card Control

Cyclic Creativity

The Secret of Cheating at Cards

Blockbuster Finale

A Boy’s Own Thriller

The Wimbledon Card Trick

Surprise Jazz  

75% Confident

Double Gemini

Petween The Balms

One-Millionth O’Henry


Acid DNL

Soggy Sandwich

Invisible Ink


Miss Terry Card


Shocked Aces Sans Selections

Four-Ace Opener

The Deaf Dealer

Tribute To Roger Curzon

Undoing Simon


The Eye-Popper

Not Too Far

Killer Mystery Card


Minding Your P’s and Q’s

Double Hellmans

The Famous Fives

Sneaky Switch

The Sad Tale of Great Uncle Reg


Flippin’ Aces

The Aces Capitulate

Smack In The Face

Roily Flush

Illogical Trost

Marked Cards

Amazing, Isn’t It?

Heavenly Roads

Aurora Borealis

Fixed Reset

Universal Powers


The Red Herring Strikes Back

Startling Location

Royal Double-Backed Flush

Tenkai Sandwich

Carbonated Footprint

Painful Aces

Omega Surprise

Kingly Aces

Supersonic Flush

The Somersaulting Aces Collect

Flushing The Four Kings

Play It Poker

Illogical And Discrepant Collectors

The Fraces Trick

What The Heck!

The Aces Collect

Hey Presto

Predictable Kaps


Black Gold


Aces Spell Kings

Guard Of Honour

Blackjack And Poker

Royal Poker

Surprised Johann

Kick The Spectator On Stage

Fairground Attraction #2


Strolling Hofzinser

Cardcase Killer





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