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Why Book Paul Gordon?

Q: Why is it good to have a magician at my function? Why book Paul Gordon?

A: Well, using a (good) magician is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, a good magician and entertainer will relax, entertain (with lots of laughs) and mystify any crowd. Secondly, a good magician performs an ice-breaking service. When Paul works, he tries (and succeeds) to “introduce” groups together so that you don’t have anyone feeling left out. Of course, if they want to be left alone - Paul is sensitive to their needs. Please watch his promo video (click here) to see how he entertains. The video “says” so much more than we can ever put into words.

Q: What kind of functions does he perform for?

A: Anything! He entertains at weddings, adult birthday parties, receptions, house parties, stag/hen nights, office parties, Christmas parties, corporate hospitality, dances , dinners, lunches, product launches, trade shows.; anything!

Q: What part of the function do you recommend entertaining at?

A: It varies. For weddings, the best (and most popular) time is just after the ceremony and before the meal. In other words, during the (often long) photo session. It keeps guests busy, entertained and ‘Ice-broken’!” After the meal and before the evening party is popular too. During the meal is okay, but remember - guests are trying to eat! For parties & dinners, ‘as’ guests arrive is best. It’s a fantastic ice-breaker. It gets them in the mood...and is an alternative to alcohol! For other functions (trade shows and launches etc), contact Paul  for more info.) Again, watch the promo video; it’s a lot of fun!

Q: What are Paul’s credentials?

A: Well, he was the president of The Sussex Magic Circle and member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians. He was also an associate of The Inner Magic Circle. Paul is also an author of popular magic books. But, more than any of that - he’s an experienced entertainer and communicator. Again, watch his promo video to see for yourself and read the letters.

Q: What venues can Paul work in? What area does he cover?

A: Anywhere! Paul works in private houses, church halls, clubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels, concert venues, mansions, al fresco - anywhere! He mostly covers the south east - Sussex, Surrey, London, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Essex & Kent; but is happy to travel further afield.

Q: What kind of magic does he do?

A: He specialises in very powerful card and close-up magic. He performs standing (strolling / walkabout), standing around tables (table hopping) or sat down at tables. All the magic he performs is of his own creation; magic from his best-selling books. If you recently saw Jamie Raven perform (and come second) on Britain’s Got Talent you know how strong and enjoyable close-up magic can be and is.

Q: How long does he perform for and how much does it cost?

A: For up to 30 guests, he recommends 1 hour (maybe less for under 10 guests). From 30 to 90 guests, he recommends 1.5 hours. For over 90 guests, he recommends 2 hours. As for cost, it really depends on your exact requirements and location of the function. So, please contact Paul today for more information. Thank you for reading and we hope that he can be of service to entertain you, your guests, your family, your clients and your friends. We promise you a great time and an event to remember!

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