Paul Gordon QUIDNUNC A Final Collection of NEW Powerful Card Magic 115 NEW Effects - 300 Pages - 140 Photos Top-Quality Foil-Embossed Hardback Book

Paul Gordon presents Quidnunc (Magic Book) - 115 New Card Tricks & 300 Pages

QUIDNUNC contains 115 NEW card tricks. That’s, 35 routines Paul wanted to keep private plus 80 NEW items. Well, you can’t take it with you, so they say! (Contents HERE and Reviews HERE.)

It’s his BEST work. His BEST magic and his BEST writing! And it’s his final book! And yes, he’s saved the very BEST to last!

Are you one of the thousands of magicians worldwide that liked Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust Trilogy and his Gold Dust Live 3-DVD Box Set? Well, if you are you will love Quidnunc. It contains KILLER material…real eye-poppers!

Quidnunc looks STUNNING. Top-quality hardback with attractive head and tail bands. PRICES INCLUDE TRACKED POSTAGE

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