The Magic Cafe (latest and greatest): If you thought Gold Dust Trilogy was excellent, Quidnunc is alongside in sheer quality. It’s full of wonderful exciting card routines and the book is produced to the highest order. Mr. Gordon has done an excellent job here!

Peter Nardi: Oh, Mr. G! We are loving Gold Dust Trilogy and I think we are loving Quidnunc even more. Worker Supreme in itself is worth the price of the book. Brilliant!

Giles Saunders: Following on from the Gold Dust Trilogy, Quidnunc is an excellent read with lots of true gems. I haven't read all of the book yet, but have already learnt some fantastic new routines. Like all of Paul's books, it is easy to read, most of the tricks are no more than a page or two in length and there is a helpful sleight section at the end. Whether you are new to card magic, or a full-time professional you should find plenty of useful material in this beautifully presented book. Also, if you follow Paul on Facebook there are often uploaded routines from the book either by himself or readers who want to demonstrate the tricks.

John Robbins: Paul Gordon's 'Quidnunc' follows on from his excellent DVD 'Gold Dust'. The book is a convenient size, very well written, with an average of only two pages per trick - I have not seen a book which is written so concisely. No long winded explanations!! Huge value for money, great routines!

Ted Blithe: On the strength of the incredible Gold Dust Trilogy and Gold Dust Live I got Quidnunc. Beautiful work, beautifully presented and brilliant card magic well taught. No waffle! Concise! It's full of wow stuff.

Jonathon Allwood: P.G is a king of cards for the UK magicians! This book has much more effects that you think about , each page will is supernatural thrill ride for anyone who likes close up effect with cards. It is a classic; one that we all have not see in a long time.

Steve Black: I love this book !!! Paul's reputation for card magic is well known and this does not disappoint. Peter was absolutely correct to recommend and promote this product. The book is concise and well written. I hope the magic community give this book the time it deserves.

Ivan: This is truly rammed to its bindings with tricks. In my opinion this would best suit someone with a moderate knowledge of sleights as some beginners would struggle with some of the material, however there is something for all skill levels as most are just very simple lifts and counts. Definitely worth the price and a nice collectors item.

Phil Glover: Quidnunc follows on from the brilliant Gold Dust. Beautiful looking hardback crammed to the hilt with stunning card magic. No fillers. No weird stuff. Just great magic. Really great card magic.

Peter Day: Love, love, loving it. I recently bought two card books from USA. Both contained weird impractical material and each only had 30 effects over 200 pages. Paul Gordon's Quidnunc has over 100 workable routines over 300 easy to read pages. The tricks are stunning. I really do think Paul Gordon's card magic and writing is the best in decades. And Quidnunc is beautifully produced. Well done.

Samuel Finklestein: I got Gold Dust Live recently and had to get Quidnunc. Very very happy with my purchase. Am liking Mr. Gordon's magic lots! Quidnunc is the best book I've gotten in years. Now I'm gonna get Gold Dust Trilogy. Great guys!

Quidnunc Reviews