Paul Gordon QUIDNUNC PLUS NEW 2-DVD Set. Powerful Card Magic 20 powerful card tricks taught on a stunning 2-DVD set

Paul Gordon presents Quidnunc Plus (Magic DVD) - 20 Card Tricks & 2 DVDs

QUIDNUNC PLUS 2-DVD set contains 20 KILLER card tricks. Taught for the FIRST time on any major project. 17 of these tricks have NEVER been taught on any other video, DVD or download.

Filmed in front of a magician-only audience, it includes a fascinating Q&A session.

Are you one of the thousands of magicians worldwide that liked Paul Gordon’s Gold Dust Trilogy and his Gold Dust Live 3-DVD Box Set? Well, if you are you will love Quidnunc Plus. Top-quality production.





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Travelling Light

The Ultimate Transposition

Ace In The Hole

Easy Collectors Two

Bluff Acaan

Prediction Premonition

Dudeney’s Baby Boy

Unusual Oil And Water


Ace Tumblers

Dream Away

Rising Damp

Worker Supreme

Tally-Ho Simplified

Jeepers Creepers On Heat

Witch Mountain Revisited

Darned Pain In The Neck

The Churchill Crown

Balducci Aces #2

75% Confident

Q & A  Session

Prelude to EAE

Easy Ace Estimation