Paul Gordon Biography & Bibliography

Paul Gordon is Professional Close-up Magician, Entertainer, Author and Lecturer. Associate Inner Magic Circle in London.

Paul Gordon is noted as one of the most popular entertainers (with cards) there is. As an entertainer/magician, he performs on a regular basis all over the world. Among other magicians, Paul Gordon is known for his books on card magic and memoirs of other magicians (Edward G. Brown, Percy Naldrett and Victor Farelli), as well as reprints of out-of-print classics by Ralph Hull, Rusduck, Ed Marlo, Stanley Collins and Eddie Joseph; all published by his company Natzler Enterprises.

Paul Gordon's Books, Tricks and DVDs have received critical acclaim from the likes of Boris Wild, Jon Racherbaumer, Jamy Ian Swiss, Peter Duffie, Harry Lorayne, Jim Sisti, Aldo Colombini, David Regal, Stephen Minch, Max Maven, Tom Craven, Alan Shaxon, Walt Lees, J.C Wagner, Shawn Farquhar, Nick Trost, Mike Powers, Roy Walton, J.K Hartman, Paul Green, Paul Hallas, Jack Parker, Bob Sheets Alex Elmsley, Jack Avis, Steve Beam and many others.

Walt Lees (editor of Abra) said of Paul Gordon's popular lecture (for other magicians), “Paul Gordon held some fifty people enthralled as he demonstrated some items from his books. In situations like this, his command is phenomenal. With his showmanship and personality power he makes card tricks entertaining and meaningful… he has them hanging onto his every word – not just for a few minutes but for an hour or so! Paul has all the attack of a Ken Brooke or a Rovi! Watch Paul Gordon [perform] on his “Card Startlers” DVD to see what proper card magic looks like and the response it gets.”

Boris Wild said of Paul Gordon, “It is rare to see a magician who can entertain an audience that much with just a deck of cards. But Paul Gordon is one of them! His shows are as funny as the magic he performs is strong. Paul perfectly knows what the spectators enjoy and deliver it to them with great humour and killer effects!"

As a professional entertainer, Paul Gordon travels the world entertaining at weddings, parties, dinners, banquets, receptions, trade shows and all types of corporate hospitality. Although he has worked for royalty and celebrities, he enjoys entertaining the general public most of all and his citations show that he's one of the world's very best close-up magic acts. "I've seen numerous close-up magic acts in my time and have worked alongside many. Paul Gordon truly is one of the best in the biz. He entertained at a party of mine and was both magical and enjoyably witty!" - Matt Monro

Aside from publishing and performing, he teaches & coaches other magicians (tuition & lectures) on the art of sleight-of-hand card magic. His Card Capers Day Of Magic is legendary. For eight hours, Paul Gordon entertains, lectures, performs; and the energy never wanes! He also teaches actors and technicians for film, television and theatre. In 2004, his hands were on a television commercial on Showtime Arabia. And, Paul was on Channel 4 T.V in 2005 on a show about a bespoke family. Paul gave personal tuition for actor Mark Benton for his new television series Fallen Angel. 2010 saw Paul Gordon on Channel 4s "Morning" show and Paul has recently closed 2011 by entertaining on Regent Cruises South Seas Mariner; the finest cruise line of all. Paul Gordon has also been featured in many newspapers and magazines including The Financial Times, The Stage and The Daily Mail. Details can be found on Paul's website.

For the magic fraternity, Paul Gordon has lectured (since 1992) all over the world; Tannen Magic Jubilee (1997), The Magic Circle (4 times), The IBM Convention, worldwide provincial clubs, The Berlin Symposium (with Tommy Wonder) and at 4F's (FFFF) in New York (2008). He has also entertained & lectured in Ireland, The USA, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Germany, Nice, Monaco (the 'legendary' Magic Stars), Rome, France, Belgium and Copenhagen.

Since 1979, he has contributed dozens of card tricks and routines to Genii, The Linking Ring, Magic, Apocalypse, Precursor, The Conjurer, Abacus, LaBal, The Budget, Abracadabra, The Magic Circular, and Onyx magazines and also to books by Peter Duffie, Aldo Colombini, John Carey and Harry Lorayne's Best Of Friends, Vol. 3.

Paul Gordon has been a member of The Sussex Magic Circle since 1976 and was awarded Associate of The Inner Magic Circle in 1995; where he lectured a staggering five times. (He was the very first close-up lecturer in the then new headquarters in Stephenson Way in the late 90's.) He is also a longstanding member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Paul Gordon also provides personal magic tuition (he has tutored over 200 magicians since 1989) and is also in demand as a motivational speaker. His hobbies include big-band singing; which he once did professionally alongside his work as a magician.

Published works; Books

The Paul Gordon Lecture Notes (Natzler Enterprises, 1985-87)

Lecture Notes, Two! (Natzler Enterprises, 1991)

X-periments (Natzler Enterprises, 1993)

X-periments II (Natzler Enterprises, 1993)

The Card Magic Of Paul Gordon (Natzler Enterprises, 1994)

Paul Gordon's Card Thoughts (Natzler Enterprises, 1994)

Paul Gordon Strikes Back (Natzler Enterprises, 1994)

Trilogy (Natzler Enterprises, 1994)

Nocturnal Creations (Natzler Enterprises, 1996)

Protean Card Magic (Natzler Enterprises, 1997)

Cause and Effect (Natzler Enterprises, 1999)

Card Magic Miracles (Natzler Enterprises, 2000)

Professional Card Magic Miracles (Natzler Enterprises, 2001)

Card Magic Companion (Natzler Enterprises, 2003)

13 Easy Card Tricks (Natzler Enterprises, 2002)

Edward George Brown; A Magical Life (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)

Pack Up Your Cards Vols. 1-3 (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)

Card Trickery (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)

Card Conjuring (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)

Percy Naldrett; Conjuror & Poet (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)

Marlo in the United Kingdom (Natzler Enterprises, 2005)

Victor Farelli; A Magical Memoir (Natzler Enterprises, 2006)

Eddie Joseph's The Complete Dumbfounders (Natzler Enterprises, 2006)

Explorations (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)

Card Collective (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)

Ralph Hull's The Complete Eye-Openers (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)

Carbon Footprints (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)

Cardistry (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)

The Second 16th Card Book Vol. 1 with Tom Craven (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)

The Second 16th Card Book Vol. 2 (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)

The Keeper Card Book with Tom Craven (Natzler Enterprises, 2007)

Stanley Collins' Card Conceits (Natzler Enterprises, 2008)

Cool Card Stuff (Natzler Enterprises, 2008)

Rusduck's The Cardiste (Natzler Enterprises, 2008)

The Unplanned Card Book (Natzler Enterprises, 2009)

The Real Secrets of Card Magic (Natzler Enterprises, 2009)

Card Marvels: 54 Impromptu Card Marvels by Paul Gordon (Natzler Enterprises, 2009)

Gold Dust (Natzler Enterprises, 2013)

Gold Dust Companion (Natzler Enterprises, 2014)

Gold Dust Finale (Natzler Enterprises, 2015)

Quidnunc (Natzler Enterprises, 2016)

Videos & DVDs

Deck in Hand (1989) VIDEO

Powerful Impromptu Card Magic (1996) VIDEO

Powerful Impromptu Card Magic Vol 2 (1998) VIDEO

Live In Action (2005) DVD (2 Discs)

16th Card Book DVD (2006)

Card Startlers (2009) DVD (2-Discs)

35 Really Useful Card Sleights (2009) DVD (1-Disc)

Card Rarities (2010) DVD (1-Disc)

Blockbusters With Cards (2011) DVD (2-Discs)

Killer Card Stuff DVD (2013)

23 Useful Card Sleights (2015)

Gold Dust Live 3-DVD Set with Alakazam (2015)

Marketed Tricks

Twin Peeks, Dazzler, Triple Kick Monte, The Red Herring, Psychedelic Foursome, Jim Nastic Jokers, Emulsion Cards, Boom Baby Boom(er), The New Magician's Insurance Policy, No-Tear Pads, The Made Her Veil Mystery, Credit Card Theft, The Killer Observation Test, 'Effin Cannibals, The Dog's Bollocks, Copwak, Spectrum Strikes Back, Sex Games, Jeepers Creepers, Bamboozler, TKM Ultra Deluxe, Bedazzling Colours, Killateral Damage, Copwaked, Apex, FlimFlam, YKM, Flushed Oil Slick, OMG!, Killer OMG!, Find The Lady, TKM Ultimate Deluxe, The Ultimate Sting, All Backs Triple Kicker, Oil & Water Rainbow, Four Card Fooler, Carnival Con, Jay Arthur and Corner of Piccadilly.